Posted on: November 1, 2011 1:59 am

Still Not Good Enough For God

Cam Newton is impressive. He has a great attitude, wonderful stats, a dazzling smile and a warm personality. He's also so rich it makes us jealous. Admit it, friends. But something is missing. Somehow, Cam Newton still cannot win. For some reason, what he is doing is not good enough even though he's basically been a great football player. The truth is he cannot win enough games yet. Now, I know what you will say: "That is not necessarily his fault" as if he doesn't make his share of mistakes on and off the field. The truth is what is good enough for the world is not truly good enough.

We have to live for the win. The only way we can win is if we win for God. A lot of Christians talk about "some reward in Heaven we cannot see". And it's true. We cannot see that great Heavenly reward. But even all that is not good enough.

Right here on Earth, we can get our wins right now. We can have a relationship with God.

Is that worth it? Let me put it this way: If you had an opportunity to be in the Pre-Game Huddle with your favorite football team for free, would you jump up and down with them? What if they wanted you to be with them the whole season? What if you could have a SuperBowl Ring? What if they wanted you to play in the SuperBowl?

Who wouldn't get excited about all of that? Now, go back and think about just that Pre-Game Huddle. You can have that with God right now. A chance at just the relationship. Even if there is no SuperBowl, the excitement of thinking of the World as being Created just because it is all Loved by its creator and then having a relationship with the Creator is more exciting than any SuperBowl ring.

Too many times, we focus on how excited we are about watching people and we are pleased with so much less. The truth is we were made to be so much more than some fan on the sideline. But it does take some serious effort. It starts by acknowledging that you need a God to give you purpose for that love. Just like Cam Newton is not good enough. Neither is the world. It takes so much more to get the win.
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